The issue of compounded, injectable drugs has been a national issue over the last two years. Recent clusters of serious infections from compounding pharmacies in several states have raised national concerns about oversight and regulation of compounded medications. It is critical that there is a reliable supply of Avastin for intravitreal injection, which is a highly cost effective, sight-saving drug for a variety of retinal diseases. The FDA and state pharmacy boards have developed Federal and State legislation to address some of these concerns. Ultimately, it is imperative that physicians have oversight and input regarding the quality and safety of their Avastin supply and work directly with their compounding pharmacy to ensure the highest possible standards.

The Cincinnati Eye Institute (CEI) has developed an ophthalmic compounding pharmacy, Northmark Pharmacy, to address the need of quality, safety, and physician oversight for compounded ophthalmic medications. Northmark Pharmacy has full-time licensed pharmacists and pharmaceutical technicians and is certified to sell Avastin in Ohio, Florida, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Georgia. Northmark is accredited as a PCAB compounding pharmacy for sterile compounding and is a member of the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists. Northmark has developed what we believe to be the gold standard for Avastin sterility and safety. Moreover, Northmark utilizes novel operational efficiencies to facilitate maximal availability for practices, while maintaining compliance with changing state and federal pharmacy regulations.

Northmark Pharmacy has been operational since January, 2013 and has processed over 10,000 Avastin syringes for CEI patients. Northmark Pharmacy is supplying Avastin for intravitreal injection to other practices with outstanding feedback about safety, quality, and availability.