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With over 70 years in eye care, Cincinnati Eye Institute (CEI) is a dedicated leader in ophthalmology and we are pleased to introduce you to the Northmark Pharmacy at CEI.

As a sterile product pharmacy, Northmark was founded to supply ophthalmologists and their surgery centers with compounded ophthalmic products.

The mission of Northmark Pharmacy is to be the leader in sterile product processing and to provide the highest quality services under national pharmacy guidelines.


The issue of compounded, injectable drugs has been a national issue over the last two years. Recent clusters of serious infections from compounding pharmacies in several states have raised national concerns about oversight and regulation of compounded medications. It is critical that there is a reliable supply of Avastin.

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Upload: April 16, 2015

Upload: April 16, 2015

Upload: April 16, 2015